Highly Efficient, Battery Powered, Easy To Operate, 38" Wide, Triple Brush System Sweeper

The two front brushes rotate in opposite directions grabbing the debris directly in front of the sweeper while the brush roller on the bottom picks up all the fine particles, all the debris is then deposited into the large easy to empty 13.2 gallon container.


 Model:                    BG697

 Weight:                  44 lbs.

 Width:                    38"

 Height Adjustment: ​Yes

 Roller Brush:          Fiberglass


 Capacity:                13.2 Gallons

 Side Rollers:            Yes


  • 38" wide

  • 13.2 gallon debris container
  • Sweeps fine & course dirt
  • Sweeps wet & dry leaves
  • Side rollers that make sweeping along walls and ease
  • Maintenance free motor & battery
  • Light weight for easy use
  • Stand up storage design for easy storage
  • Comes with lubricant spray
  • 4 year warranty on brushes 
  • 2 year overall warranty